Why Durable Hardwood?

Fact 1: Australia has traditionally carried a deficit in the trade of its forest and wood products in the order of $2 billion. Despite Australia producing approximately 3 million cubic metres of hardwood annually (from plantations and native resources), only 1.6% of this wood is suitable for sawn and veneer products. The majority is used for the pulp and paper industry.

Fact 2: Australia currently has approximately 1 million hectares of hardwood plantations but less than 20% is grown specifically for sawn timber products. Just 5% of these plantations are naturally durable timber species – that can last in excess of 15 years without chemical treatment.

Fact 3: In Victoria alone, the durable sawn timber market is worth approximately $60 million per year. Just $10 million of this is sourced from Australia with the balance coming from Canada (cedar) and South East Asia (merbau, kwila and balau).

Fact 4: During an average Heartwood Plantations rotation of 25 years, Australia’s population is forecast to reach 33 million people (42% increase), yet no new timber forests are planned to meet this growth. Resources like durable hardwood timber, which are strong, carbon absorbing, 100% renewable and have natural durability will be in very high demand.